Mandatory Public Disclosure

Health Insurance

Cashless claim settlement in PAN India Network hospital.

School Canteen

Canteen operates everyday of the week for Lunch and Recess.

Science Labs

Research and exploration are done i our Campus.

School Hostel

Sudhir Memorial Institute has boarding facilities for students.



As an educational institute Sudhir Memorial Institute aimed at developing a multidimensional personality in its students viz skills uplifting, pursuit of knowledge, personality development, physical and mental development corporate culture. With changing time SMI aims to develop student in such a manner that they enough capable to fulfill the requirement of industries, private sector as well as public sector and they live ahead in facing the challenges and capitalizing opportunities in their life.

To this effect, the school offers a variety of curricula ranging from the national CBSE to international IGCSE , with an aim to provide comprehensive education opportunities necessary for preparing conscientious, responsible and dynamic future global citizens.


Our Mission

“The mission of Sudhir Memorial Institute, having a uniquely diverse population and a tradition of quality education, is to ensure that each student achieves optimal academic and personal potential by providing a safe and nurturing learning environment, which builds a strong foundation for character development and lifelong learning; utilizing best educational practices to engage each student in a culturally rich and challenging curriculum; and fostering partnerships with families and the community.”



All parents are requested to clear the tuition fees of their ward within 10th of July. Late fee will be applicable from the month of July. Please follow page number 17 of Almanac and hand book for rules relating with late fees.

School Will Reopen from 27th June, 2022

Dear Parents, You are requested to note that the school will reopen on 27th June, 2022 instead of 22nd June, 2022.


Dear Students, This is to inform you that the school will conduct online classes from 9th of May and it will continue till 20th of May. Summer vacation will start from 21st of May as mentioned in school dairy.

Admission Enquiry